The Search Begins

Well that was a whirlwind trip! We’ve been looking at property for a while now online, but this weekend we went to view one! As we all have very different work schedules, finding a day at short notice that we’re all free can be a challenge. But, we did some juggling and made it happen. … More The Search Begins

Friends and Trees

You can’t get a much better combination than friends and trees; throw in a smallholding, sunny days, red kites overhead, a bonfire under the stars, and mushroom season and it’s guaranteed to make us grin like loons!      

Mass Motors

It’s so rare to find a mechanic that doesn’t overcharge, spin stories about faults, do things that are not needed because they’re guessing, or leave you feeling like you have no idea what’s just been done. But it seems like we found one! Mass Motors have impressed us enough to give them a shout out; … More Mass Motors