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We can use all the help available to get this project off the ground, so if you have skills, resources, or financial ability, we will accept them with gratitude and repay you with opportunities for learning, sharing, and retreat.
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Contact us

Feel free to get in touch. You can fill out this form to email us, or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Host us

We have recently included a community section, where we feature stories about places we visit.

We would like to offer our help to the existing communities (and individuals) out there. We believe this will be a great way forward; a way to exchange knowledge, help others, and gain some experience. The type of projects we are ideally looking to get involved with will be largely land-focused, ideally with permaculture influence. Communities or individuals aiming to live self-sufficiently are ideal. Beyond this we are open to lending a hand to any project that is in need of our help. We can offer both physical help and whatever knowledge we have that is useful for the project.

Right now we are restricted to visiting projects near to London, but hopefully soon we will be available for longer-term visits, woofing, etc around the country or abroad if the costs are viable.

Skills & Knowledge

We are studying everything we can in order to gain the knowledge we will need to put this venture into action, some things come naturally, others not so much.

Our current learning objectives are in the areas of foraging, organic gardening, and food preservation. If you can teach us anything about these topics, or if you know of good resources to learn from in the form of websites, books, etc. please do send us a message or drop us a comment.


We would much rather reuse something than buy things new. We have wish lists on Amazon and eBay. If you have any of these things that you’re not using and want to get rid of, drop us a message using one the contact methods mentioned above.


Our current financial objective is raising money for an old house to convert off grid. All help is greatly appreciated. Proceeds go directly towards this project. If you have any fund-raising ideas, that would be helpful too.

Donations can be made via Paypal gift to:
Instructions on how to do that can be found here.


Target progress:

Share & Interact

Even if nothing else on this page is within your ability, one thing that would really help us that anyone can do is interact with us. Comment, like, share our page; Pin it, repress it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media site you use, email it to someone you know who might be interested. Any interaction is encouraging.

Thank You

Thank you in advance for your support in whatever form it comes! 🙂


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