We are selling … It’s been a year and a half since we started experimenting with campervan living, and we have loved every moment of it, but with this new level of exposure to the on-the-road lifestyle we’ve also had the opportunity to examine our habits and needs more closely. One thing we’ve noticed is that we … More Downsizing

Site Changes

Hooray, site update! 😀 As we’re intending on doing more informational type posts in the upcoming future (we’ve been a bit lazy with the updating, oops) we decided a small overhaul on the learning section was in order! We’ve broadly catagorised the posts to make the information more accessible, so you’ll now find these sub-categories: Drive and … More Site Changes


It’s been a while since we posted; we’ve been following nature’s example and having a period of dormancy … but, spring is springing and this weekend we got out in the garden to get things set up for the new growing season. We did a general clean up, set up the beds for this year’s … More Dormancy

Patience is a Virtue

We’re usually quite positive in our recollections of the things we do, however, we think it’s important to accurately represent that not everything is always easy. While we take most ‘problems’ in our stride and really don’t see them as major obstacles, there is one thing that we find difficult on a regular basis: being … More Patience is a Virtue

Foraged goodies (or, how we made ALL the things from blackberries)

Just before we went to Portugal, we spent an afternoon on a foraging scout in the park. We ended up picking around 5kg of blackberries. We also found loads of elderberries, apple, walnut, and plum trees, and some chamomile. The next day we made apple and blackberry crumble. Pixie has been making this since she was … More Foraged goodies (or, how we made ALL the things from blackberries)


August is peak festival time, and we set off to Portugal for 8 days of sun and psytrance at Boom festival. Every two years in a remote area of eastern Portugal, along the beach of Idanha-a-nova lake, Boomland is reborn. The festival grounds are vast, with 150 hectares of land separated into various camping areas and different zones where … More Boom!