Seed (pre)sprouting

This year we’ve been growing most things from seed, and we came across a method that increases the success rate (by up to 70% we’ve read). It’s called pre-sprouting or pre-germination. Pre-sprouting reduces the amount of time waiting and minimizes the chance of losing seedlings early on. Another pro is that you don’t waste time and space … More Seed (pre)sprouting


A little while ago we went to a biochar workshop by Pete of Kernow Black. He did a small scale demonstration of the creation of biochar, as well as discussing the topic. So what is biochar, and why can putting in the ground help your garden and the environment? In order to answer this we … More Biochar


We’re feeling very lucky right now. Our friends Cherrie and Silva have given us a full vermicomposting setup, worms and all. Thank you so much! So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you everything we know about vermicomposting, worm bins, and worms. Exciting right? Or maybe you’re thinking we’ve lost the plot … More Vermicomposting