Mobile Internet

Many of us still need to connect to the internet while on the road. Most of us do have internet enabled mobile phones. However, we also have data limits, poor signal areas, or the desire to connect wifi only devices. We did some research and found out about some of the options for getting connected on … More Mobile Internet

DIY dehumidifier

After encountering some damp in Freya’s wardrobe, we found a small crack in a cable gland which we believe to be the point of entry for moisture. We have resolved this with some sealant, but to be extra safe we made a small dehumidifier to stand in the bottom of the cupboard. There are a … More DIY dehumidifier

12v Solar setup part 3: installation

After looking at components and sizing requirements, we should now be ready for installation. The basic connections are fairly straightforward: If you have more than one panel or battery, please scroll down to sections on arrays and banks before commencing installation. The Physical Installation Fit the mounting brackets and cable gland Step 1: Decide where you … More 12v Solar setup part 3: installation

Tea Light Heater

As we’ve started using the camper at the onset of winter, we thought it would be a perfect chance to post our first instructable! What we’ll be making is home-made version of one of these – a terracotta candle heater: The one pictured above is designed by Marco Zagaria as a finished product, but we (like … More Tea Light Heater