Mass Motors

It’s so rare to find a mechanic that doesn’t overcharge, spin stories about faults, do things that are not needed because they’re guessing, or leave you feeling like you have no idea what’s just been done. But it seems like we found one! Mass Motors have impressed us enough to give them a shout out; … More Mass Motors

Canal Life

Today we visited a friend who lives on a canal boat. The similarities between boat and van living are obvious, but the differences seem to fall in favour of boat life; imagine having your fuel delivered to your van, being able to park up for 2 weeks at a time in any pretty spot you … More Canal Life

The Orchard Project

Today’s shout out goes to The Orchard Project: a charity dedicated to the creation and restoration of community orchards. Their aim is to ‘re-fruit’ the country, putting power and knowledge back in the hands of the local community and creating a ‘better, locally-led food system’. The project started out in London, aiming to re-connect urban communities … More The Orchard Project


August is peak festival time, and we set off to Portugal for 8 days of sun and psytrance at Boom festival. Every two years in a remote area of eastern Portugal, along the beach of Idanha-a-nova lake, Boomland is reborn. The festival grounds are vast, with 150 hectares of land separated into various camping areas and different zones where … More Boom!