The Orchard Project

Today’s shout out goes to The Orchard Project: a charity dedicated to the creation and restoration of community orchards. Their aim is to ‘re-fruit’ the country, putting power and knowledge back in the hands of the local community and creating a ‘better, locally-led food system’. The project started out in London, aiming to re-connect urban communities … More The Orchard Project

Farewell Freyja

Today, with very mixed emotions, we said goodbye to Freyja. She has been such a trooper for us and watching her sit unused for the last while has saddened us greatly. We are happy she has found a new home and hope that she provides her new family with as many happy memories as she … More Farewell Freyja


We are selling … It’s been a year and a half since we started experimenting with campervan living, and we have loved every moment of it, but with this new level of exposure to the on-the-road lifestyle we’ve also had the opportunity to examine our habits and needs more closely. One thing we’ve noticed is that we … More Downsizing