Site Changes

Hooray, site update! šŸ˜€ As we’re intending on doing more informational type posts in the upcoming future (we’ve been a bit lazy with the updating, oops) we decided a small overhaul on the learning section was in order! We’ve broadly catagorisedĀ the postsĀ to make the information more accessible, so you’ll now find these sub-categories: Drive and … More Site Changes

A Plot in the City

Getting our camper, Freyja, equipped has been our main focus this year, and now that she’s just about done we are turning our attention to learning new skills. We have had to weigh up the options of what is most productive for us while we are still in London. We initially thought we’d be moving … More A Plot in the City

Everything moved in

A week later and we’ve got all the stuff we want to keep in the camper moved in! This past week has involved packing up our personal belongings (to give some idea, that’s two double rooms full), whittling it down to the bare necessities and fitting it all into a space no bigger than our … More Everything moved in

All about us

We both came from different lives, with different experiences, and different amounts of knowledge. One thing we can say with conviction is that it doesn’t take a background of knowledge to make a dream come true. Knowledge is available in so many forms these days: books, internet, other people, or even just imagination and practice.Ā It … More All about us