The Search Begins

Well that was a whirlwind trip! We’ve been looking at property for a while now online, but this weekend we went to view one! As we all have very different work schedules, finding a day at short notice that we’re all free can be a challenge. But, we did some juggling and made it happen.

We left London at 11pm, arriving at our destination in Wales around 4am. We woke a few hours later for breakfast and a quick stroll to Henrhyd waterfall before driving the final few miles to the property.

The property has it’s own spring, 6 acres of land, and a house already set up for solid fuel heating from a range. So in terms of ticking boxes, on paper it had it all.

On arrival, we immediately encountered the property’s downfall, a tiny lane with a steep incline and hairpin bend which would restrict access for anything bigger than our van. We have a big desire to offer space for friends to come and park their vans/caravans for extended visits, as well as the need to deliver building materials, possibly situate static caravans, etc. all of which makes access a very important factor.

On further inspection we also saw that the land was 90% steep hill, the range had been removed, and the spring needed redirecting were we to avoid it flooding the house. All of these things are fixable, and we would have been willing to consider the options for making it workable if the access problem didn’t exist. However, with access so limited, we agreed that this wasn’t the one for us.

In the end, we are just really happy to have started seeing places! It feels like a massive victory to be in a position that we can go look at places, so we returned to London tired but more than happy that we had gone; and, to wrap up the day with a celebration, we went to see fireworks.


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