Spring has Sprung

Oops, it’s been a while since we posted… but, we haven’t been slacking, while we’ve been busy getting the shop off the ground, the plot has had a makeover, and natures been busy too.

We spent a little extra time this year cleaning the plot up in January; we added more beds, a new pond (to attract more biodiversity in hopes of controlling the slug population), and gravel. We’ve also made ourselves a plant calendar/spreadsheet. Hopefully, this will help us to keep on top of the various plant’s needs and gardening jobs. 🙂

Then came the snow:

Meanwhile, we started sowing some seeds indoors, at various times; all coming along nicely, each at their own happy rate. We’re trying some layered planting this year in hopes it will (again) distract the slugs from their usual targets.

Then came what appears to be an early summer 😉 We covered the beds with netting (the cabbage whites decided the gooseberry bush was still fair game though, hehe), and also tried sowing some things direct. We’ve had slightly better luck than previous years in terms of slug decimation, but that could be because it’s been dryer, they are definitely still munching things, and we lost the first sowing of pak choi and carrots to them, so we’re still working on solutions. But all in all it’s been a beautiful year so far, the sun has been out, and the plot has been a pleasure to be in!

Here’s to a great growing season for everyone! ❤


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