Snow days

When you get snow in London it’s a pretty funny difference between those of us who grew up in the countryside (and remember having trouble opening the door, or having to shovel snow to get on with daily activities) and those who grew up in London and think a few flakes equate to ‘snow’. This winter we’ve had snow settle in London on a couple of occasions, still nothing like some of us remember as a child, but enough to enjoy childhood joys such as sledging and snow fights.

The ‘Beast from the East’ hardly lives up to its name here, but the white blanket that’s hanging around has made us glad the seedlings are safe indoors. Outside the curly kale, onions, and garlic don’t seem to mind the ‘white stuff’. The only casualty is our mini ‘greenhouse’ which lost its roof. Overall, we’ve been enjoying the view while we get on with our lives.


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