New year, new projects

First of all a (better late than never) happy new year everyone! 2017 was a tough year for many people that we know, so we hope that this year holds more ease and peace for the people in our life, and anyone else who experienced a rough ride recently.

For us, last year went by without much forward movement, at least on the surface. It was a year of introspection, personal growth, and spending our energy on family members who needed our presence. But after our ‘hibernation’, we are waking hungry for sustenance, ready to venture out and continue living!

We started off the year putting our energy into progressing a major project – one that needs completion in order to move on to the next phase of our journey: renovating Su’s house pre-sale. This was a really nice way for all of us to come together and make a big push forward.

Next, we turned our attention to picking up the pieces of a stalled (but never abandoned) project of ours: getting an online shop going for the crafty things we make. We aim to launch in February, so we won’t give you all the spoilers now, but here are some picture previews:

Keep an eye out for a more detailed post closer to the launch date. For now, here’s to a year of productivity, creativity, and construction!



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