It’s been a while since we posted; we’ve been following nature’s example and having a period of dormancy … but, spring is springing and this weekend we got out in the garden to get things set up for the new growing season. We did a general clean up, set up the beds for this year’s annuals, and planted seeds in our new makeshift nursery.

As we had such prolific slug armies last year, we were concerned about our seedlings surviving – so we repurposed an old wire crate we had found, standing it on upturned plant pots wrapped with copper (this will be upgraded to slug traps with copper above the bait holes) to create a nursery that will hopefully be resistant to the slimy munchers onslaught. We then used clingfilm to create a sort of mini greenhouse / cold frame.

Last year we also suffered from a major whitefly infestation, so we are going to try growing marigolds to intersperse amongst the annuals to try to combat them this year. We also combined all the compost from our old pots – mixing it with the results of last year’s vermicomposting and some biochar – to regenerate the compost for this year’s new potted inhabitants.

We will be growing our usual annuals: tomatoes, courgettes, etc. but are keen to get some more perennial vegetables going this year. If anyone has any suggestions of easy-to-get-ahold-of perennial veg, please do recommend them in the comments. Thanks 🙂


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