Patience is a Virtue

We’re usually quite positive in our recollections of the things we do, however, we think it’s important to accurately represent that not everything is always easy. While we take most ‘problems’ in our stride and really don’t see them as major obstacles, there is one thing that we find difficult on a regular basis: being patient.

When you have an end goal in sight it can sometimes be harder to enjoy every aspect of a process along the way in the way that you would without a specific aim. We sometimes find ourselves measuring up our current ventures in comparison to where we’d like to be, instead of always appreciating every moment of where we are. Of course having a goal is amazing, and usually a great motivator to keep trying and learning new things, which in reality makes our lives exciting and enjoyable on a day to day basis, but, there are days too where we are desperate to have that thing we aiming for; our own piece of land.

So this post is a reminder to ourselves to appreciate everything we have, not to miss any moment of beauty in the things we are doing by rushing towards the end goal, not to judge ourselves for not having reached our eventual ideal standards, and to be patient in our search for the right piece of land.

To end on a positive note, cos that’s how we like to roll 😉 here are a few additions to our current activities:



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