Foraged goodies (or, how we made ALL the things from blackberries)

Just before we went to Portugal, we spent an afternoon on a foraging scout in the park. We ended up picking around 5kg of blackberries. We also found loads of elderberries, apple, walnut, and plum trees, and some chamomile.

The next day we made apple and blackberry crumble. Pixie has been making this since she was a child so we don’t use a recipe. It’s not something that needs precision anyway but here’s a quick rundown of how we do it:
– mix about 10 apples with a kilo of blackberries and a small cup of sugar, place in baking tray.
– in a cool bowl mix approximately equal amounts of (cool) butter and sugar, then ‘cut’ in the flour until you get the consistency of crumble that you like.
– you can just cover the fruit with the crumble and bake at around 180 for 20-25 mins – it will be lovely – or, for extra crispy crumble, cook the crumble separately then sprinkle it on top.


The second thing we made was seedless blackberry jam, you can check out our recipe here:

And a couple weeks later (with the remainder of the berries that we’d frozen) we started making blackberry wine (and an elderberry one too). Fruit wines are so much easier than we realised to make, fingers crossed they age well! This page has the ratios we follow:

We’ve really enjoyed this little spree, both for upping our home making skills and (of course) the eating part, can’t wait to try the drinking part too! 😉


One thought on “Foraged goodies (or, how we made ALL the things from blackberries)

  1. Love it! i have loads of blackberries on my land but they are wild and i am afraid to pick most of them because of the snakes!;0


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