Less work, more play

This was the first week free from a 9-5 job! It started with Lammas, a pagan sabbat and festival of the wheat harvest and more generally a celebration of the abundance of growth. We aren’t wheat growers, and we have been picking from the garden as we went along, so there was no grand harvest for us; but we celebrated by baking bread, generally taking it easy, and turning our thoughts towards upcoming frivolities.

We also popped along to the London Permaculture Festival, attended a few talks and familiarised ourselves with some of the sustainable growing projects around London and the UK. There were beginner’s talks on forest gardening and permaculture design; run-throughs of building with straw bales, composting, and fermentation; a brainstorming session around urban permaculture design strategies; and some stalls, including our personal favourite: the book stall. Anyone with an existing understanding of permaculture will have benefited more from the networking element than the talks themselves; we enjoyed finding out more about what various people are up to and generally being amongst like-minded individuals. You can find out more about the event here.

We’re off to Portugal next week, so you can expect to hear all about that on our return…

For now, happy Lammas, and enjoy the summer!


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