A Plot in the City

Getting our camper, Freyja, equipped has been our main focus this year, and now that she’s just about done we are turning our attention to learning new skills. We have had to weigh up the options of what is most productive for us while we are still in London. We initially thought we’d be moving around – parking wherever we could find a space for the day – while finishing our commitments in London. However, after some experience and more understanding of the difficulties associated with parking within London, we are looking at some different options that will allow us to remain parked in locations for more time.

Because we still have access to the house – where we can both park and use the garden – we have decided to experiment with learning to grow food there. At the same time we are starting to visit some communities to see how they make things work; to exchange ideas, help out, and possibly stay with them for some time. This combination means we are gaining hands-on learning experience in essential knowledge for the future, while also being able to continue our experiment with camper living.

Our ‘patch’

We have grown a few annual vegetables in this space before so already understand the sun/shade positions, and ground type etc. What we are doing first is removing some of the larger ornamental shrubs – firstly because they take up a lot of room, and secondly because they are casting shade on the largest growing area – and having a general clear up. Then we will replace them with a combination of perennial herbs and vegetables, and some few annuals too.

We are planting the perennials in pots so that we can take them with us when we eventually get our own piece of land. The annuals will take up the existing ‘flower beds’, though we will have to see if we need to use pots for these too if the local slug population proves too much for direct ground planting.

Here’s a few photos of our ‘making space’ and ‘rescuing plants’ week 🙂


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