Freyja updated

A while ago we wrote a post about what the camper was equipped with. Since then we have installed some upgrades which have made Freyja almost luxurious. We won’t repeat the earlier post in full, but here’s a quick recap of what the campervan came with:

Running on gas:

  • stove/oven/grill
  • hot water
  • heater
  • fridge

Running on 1 x 80ah leisure battery (charged with split charger or from mains):

  • lights
  • water pump

Running on engine battery:

  • 1 x 12v socket in the cab

Running on mains hookup:

  • all of the above
  • 240v sockets

Since we got Freyja the camper, we’ve done some upgrading; as well as the above, our setup now includes:

  • 320w of solar panels, with controller, and 400ah battery bank (read more in our components, sizing, and installation posts)
  • 2 x 12v and 2 x USB sockets in the back
  • a WiFi antenna and router (more info here)
  • a plant pot heater (check out how to make one here)

These upgrades mean we can charge things whenever we want, use the lights as long as we want, and pick up WiFi from inside Freyja, all for free and without needing to drive or plug into mains! And for the cost of a few tea lights, stay warm enough too.


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