Freyja’s equipment

We thought we’d share with you a little about Freyja’s setup, what we use to live when on the road, and how we keep it all running. Currently, Freyja is equipped as follows:

Running on gas we have an oven, grill, double burner stove, hot water, and heater. The heater also runs on gas, but we have found that our plant pot heater (find the instructable here) does a sufficient job not to need the gas heater unless we need a fast warm up for getting out of bed on frosty mornings.

The fridge runs on gas, leisure battery or main battery. Though we haven’t needed to switch it on yet as it stays cold enough from the ambient temperature in winter.

The leisure battery currently charges via a split charger from the main battery whilst driving. It powers the water pump, lighting, and security system. There are various lights throughout but we only use the two that we’ve fitted with super low consumption led bulbs.

Besides this we have a battery pack for charging phones etc. This pack can be charged from the cigarette lighter socket while driving, or with our small solar panel. It is convenient and portable, and also means we aren’t draining our leisure battery which we need for the in-camper equipment.

Our water is stored in a tank under one of the benches, it fills from outside and drains to a grey waste tank which is accessed from underneath the chassis. Our toilet is a cassette type, the bottom black water tank detaches and is small enough to carry for disposal. And we also have a hand powered washing machine.

Additional lighting is provided by some solar LED fairy lights above the bed, and some small battery powered sensor lights attached to the side door and inside the wardrobe. These go on when the door is opened and off when closed.

So that is everything that we currently use. We will be installing solar panels so that we are not reliant on driving to charge the leisure battery, but for now we are managing with this setup.


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