Temporary setback

fi ts

So we’ve encountered our first obstacle, the driver between us fractured her arm, this means we can’t move for the next 4-6 weeks. Obviously this is a setback but we’re determined to stay positive.

The practical repercussions of being unable to drive mean we have had to enlist the help of a friend to locate Freyja outside the house where we’ll be able to leave her for as long as is needed.

One of the things this obstacle taught us was to slow down. Rushing around is part of the lifestyle we were rushing to leave, and was one of the things we intended to stop having to do in the camper, so why not apply the lesson and put it into practice straight away.

A new plan was soon formulated to maximize the benefits of this delay. We have more time to sort out our belongings that we won’t need in the camper. The injured party has the opportunity to work on a long-planned but never prioritized project that can be completed with one hand. And we are able to do a lot of studying and research about installing solar panels on the camper.

Obviously it’s hard having to put everything on hold temporarily. But we can only be grateful that the injury wasn’t worse, that we have somewhere to keep the camper parked, and that this is just a temporary setback.

We will use this time to continue sorting out the things we’re in London for and to learn as much as we can about things like power consumption, batteries, and solar panels. All of which mean we will be even more prepared when we are able to take camper out.


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