Off Grid Campers

on the road to off the grid


 The Plan

Welcome to our adventure. So what’s the big idea? What are we running around saving, learning, planning, and being excited about?! Well, the simplicity of the idea is almost as sublime as we hope the outcome will be: we’re going off grid. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there’s some training that needs doing before we jump into the foray of self-sufficiency! First, we’re exploring some steps that will allow us to gain the vital knowledge we will need to survive.
  • Part one of our adventure is kitting out a campervan and spending some time on the road, combined with learning about growing and preserving food when we are at ‘base camp’.
  • Part two is to convert an old house off grid (a step we hadn’t originally planned for but due to a combination of circumstance and practicality we believe it will be a good half way point and excellent learning opportunity).
  • Part three will be the final realisation of the plan. Find a suitable piece of land, and build an eco-campsite/retreat where we can live self-sufficiently and host guests who want to learn about the lifestyle.
We’re just a couple of individuals, without knowledge of how to do it, and without money to throw at it. But with everything else we need; vision, determination, and ability to learn. This blog will be a record of our journey, and proof that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it. There will be highs and lows. There will be successes and failures. There will be blood, sweat, and tears. What there will not be is giving up!

 Who ‘we’ are

For more about us, how this came about, and our feelings about it, check out this post all about us.

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