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The Plan


Welcome to our blog; our record of the journey we are taking from self-sufficiency to living off-grid.
So what’s the big idea? Why have we chosen to write about our lives? Why are we saving, learning, planning, and living in an overcrowded to house in order to accomplish this dream we have? Well, the idea is simple (doesn’t it always start out the way): we want to become as self-sufficient as we can, which to us translates to going off-grid.
In the idea stage, it’s often easy to ahead of yourself, and we soon realised that before we jump into the foray of full off-grid living, there were a lot of self-sufficiency lessons that needed to be learnt! When we started this plan, only one of us really had any experience of self-sufficient living, and whilst the others were enthusiastic, they soon realised that they weren’t ready to give everything up in one fell swoop. There were some difficulties in accepting this, the plan of how we would accomplish a self-sufficient lifestyle had to be adjusted, and we realised that it was going to take more patience than any of us had ever practised before to get to the end goal; but we have remained steadfast in our commitment to achieving the end goal while learning to accept the moment for what it is, to immerse ourselves in the lives we already have, and to learn and teach each other step by step both the practical skills and emotional resilience we believe will better enable us to survive when we are truly off-grid.
For the time being we are all sharing a house in London, where we grow vegetables in the garden, create (art, music, and the basics for living), and one by one reduce our reliances on society. Here on our blog you can see updates about our life, find tutorials on some of the things we make, and catch some thoughts about others we encounter.
Here’s an excerpt from something we wrote at the very start of this blogging adventure, a statement that we stand by and hold on to when the journey gets tough:
We’re just a few individuals, without knowledge of how to do it, and without money to throw at it. But with everything else we need; vision, determination, and ability to learn. This blog will be a record of our journey, and proof that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it. There will be highs and lows. There will be successes and failures. There will be blood, sweat, and tears. What there will not be is giving up!

 Who ‘we’ are

For more about us, how this came about, and our feelings about it, check out this early post all about us.

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